Best Mekong Delta Tours
Best Mekong Delta Tours. An Giang – one of the potential land in Mekong Delta is a place with mountains and forests mixed with plentiful plains, rivers, and canals, as well as thrilling legends that have become the “brand” of this land. Traveling An Giang visitors do not miss 5 memorable experiences, and then desires come back.

Boat trip to discover Tra Su Cajuput Forest
Tra Su is a cajuput forest belonging to That Son Mountain, Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province. This is the home of the birds, animals and aquatic species that is the feature of this cajuput forest. At this point, visitors can rent a taxi – a unique means of transportation on the river in the Mekong Delta. Paddling with the flow of green water overflowing, slipping through the forest was a pleasant experience. This beautiful natural space is more vibrant when you hear the birds singing in the sky. Not only that, but visitors also participate in picking lotus, go fishing and enjoy special dishes. Visitors do not miss this experience of memorable experiences in An Giang

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